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Elite League: Results Eighth Matchday 2016 – Caricature Lands On Golden Mask (Houston we Have A Problem).

The Eighth Day of the Elite League presented a spectacular stellar clash, in which the law of universal gravitation was put to the test. The brand-new middle-class monarch Elite, Charismatic , faced the young marvel Mascara Dorada , a slogan settled on the ring as a principle of air kings: gravity is synonymous with defeat. Every two aerodynamic aesthetes are measured in a heads up, two things are brought into play: the pride of knowing the best and of course the ego to be the favorite in style.

The fight began drumming, the speed of both gladiators marked golden stelae on the beaten. Golden Mask was the first to show off the third rope with a mortal facing forward. Caristico, embarrassed by this first tactical challenge, made the same move before the approval of the spectators. The suicidal tapatío executed the first barrage of spectacular actions, while Carístico tried to counter the atmospheric pressure of its rival with similar movements.

Mascara Dorada, true to his custom, surprised with his classic suicidal movements, a Charismatic who responded to the same level of acrobatics. Soon the aesthetes resented the fatigue, the speed with which the actions had been charged charged the bill. Exhausted began to realize the macabre dance of the applause, the public surrendered to Mascara Dorada. Motivated by the roar of a monster with a thousand heads, Dorada climbed the mountain to perform an inverted mortal, in the center of the ring were waiting for some stakes.

In this trepidante duel, three times repeated the tragedy, the mere biblical style of pancracio, the young Tapatio succumbed to the delirium of applause, even the gods succumbed to vanity. Dorada climbed the third rope three times and on all occasions Carístico was waiting for him with a counterattack. In this way, Mascara Dorada began to fall into a frenzied and insane attempt to surrender at all costs to his rival, and in this compulsion lost sight of the runway.

In the last moments, at the crucial moment in which an error can cost the whole fight, Charismatic was delivered in the game of ropes to Golden Mask, who applied a powerful superplex from the third string on the ex seminarista of the white eyes. Dorada, seeing that his rival was in the mood for a decisive victory, decided to finish with a supreme action: he looked for the ropes again and when bouncing on them, Carístico was waiting for him with the propellers of the helicopter to disguise him. The mystique landed on the comet of the golden hood.

Full Results:

Cyclone Ramirez Jr. and Robin beat Luzbel and Infernal Tank
Bandit, Metaleon and Man Bala Jr. Beat Son of Dr. Wagner, Dr. Karonte Jr. and Son of Physician Killer
King Scorpio, Magnus and Argos defeated Angel of Gold, Golden Magic and Ultimate Ninja
Hand to hand Elite: Bobby Lashley beat Xtreme Tiger
Last Warrior and Warrior Force defeated Octagon and Atlantis
Hand to hand Elite: Charismatic beat the Golden Mask

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