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Elite League: Results Fifth Round 2016 – Last Guerrero submits To Bobby Lashley

The Fifth Day of the Elite League presented a fight of reserved forecasts. The technical toughness of the Last Warrior would be measured against the muscular force of Bobby Lashley .

The Last Warrior – who first came down from Olympus – faced Bobby Lashley in the hallway of the luminaires, his gesture was a convulsive x-ray of guts, nervousness and confidence: security in his knowledge of wrestling, or in another sense, the Difficult art to win against all odds. The Warrior had before him an opponent who surpassed him in almost everything, except in one thing.

The fight began instantly, clenched fists impacted the humanity of the Last Warrior, who wore a diminutive version of himself in front of an opponent who established the dominance of his brute force. Immediately the public intervened to support the local, who received tremendous rain of mamporros and a good dose of azotones against the platform of protection. Lahsley sounded the chest of the last of his lineage, then decided to compress the skull of his rival with a padlock. The Warrior resisted with a superhuman strength. With the control of the battle, the foreigner executed a flagplex that left the Warrior suspended for a few minutes, then repeated another dose of contralona. However, the public injected energy into the depleted warrior and the latter reversed the punishment with a kind of rope around his neck, which surprised the black Superman.

Ultimate Guerrero led the revenge to the edge of the ring, and with a leap on the protective platform struck with an elbow the chest of his astonishing rival. Now the trust was the fuel of the Mexican, who drew all his strength to make a dent in the condition of the brunette with a series of machetes to the chest. Bobby took an arm from his rival and as if it were a dummy, he threw it into a corner. But the Mexican took advantage of the inertia to sit on the corner: “come” he told his dark opponent. Above the mountain, the brunet tried to tie the warrior but this one surprised him with a frontal superplex from that corner. The last of his line was displaying a sinister strategy: brute force at the service of intelligence. The warrior’s brain was his most powerful muscle. But the brute force claimed its dominion and the tete to tete occurred in an elbow orchestra at the head of one on the other. Finally Lashley burst the humanity of the warrior with new dose of contralona.

A merciless spear over the Last Warrior suggested that the battle would come to an end. But the count of three did not happen. The prodigal son of Durango resisted the final movement of his adversary, the surprise of the brunette turned to stress. Lashley decided to end the fight with another spear, but the Warrior (wise practitioner of aikido) tripped the brunette and pitted him against the lower corner. A frightful warlike seat suffocates the American, then the ultimate insult: another warrior seat. The Last Warrior decides the contest in the center of the ring: applying a precise warlike octopus that wove the arm of Bobby Lashley taking the surrender. Such was the pressure of the key on the immense musculature that the brunette came out on a stretcher, injured in pride.

Full Results:

Last Dragoncito and Astral defeated Little Pierroth and Small Olympic
Triton, Son of Two Faces and Man Bala defeated Eternal, Impossible and Fresero Jr.
Black Warrior and Blue Panter beat Solar and Sorcerer.
Day 4 Elite League: Volador Jr. beat the Golden Mask
Super Para, LA Park and Son of LA Park defeated Toscano, Pierrtoh and Rush.
Matchday 4 Elite League: Ultimate Warrior beat Bobby Lashley

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