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Elite League: Results November 4 – Tremulous Tie between LA Park And Scorpion King

In the performance of the past November 4 at the Agustín Millán Gym in Toluca, State of Mexico, Lucha Libre Elite offered an avalanche of emotions that set the public to vibrate, with a poster that had to offer fights of very high quality and expectation .

Two high-powered fights that lived in the final straight of the night, in the semistelar Bobby Lashley, with his tremendous tonnage, and Blue Demon Jr. made a dream pair to liquidate the experienced ruffians Mr. Electro and Silver King.

The stellar fight exploded the controversy, as the explosive and violent LA Park and King Scorpion had a hand full of punishments of power, forcefulness, forbidden blows and blood. Not even the referee could control the plovers on the ring, authority went through the triumph arch of roughness and subdued the dynamics of storm and delirium.

The telluric violence of the bony and the venomous ultra-belligerence of the Scorpion King was neutralized, the fight ended in a doula double which resulted in a draw.

Full Results:

Silver Doll and Rossy Moreno beat Baroness and Goddess Quetzal
Impossible, Eternal and Fresero Jr. defeated Steel Wings, El Estudiante and Ciclón Ramírez Jr.
Octagon and Xtreme Tiger defeated Warrior Force and Mr. Eagle
Cybernetics beat Charismatic
Bobby Lashley Blue Demon Jr. defeated Mr. Electro and Silver King
Draw between King Scorpion and LA Park.

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