Elite special function

Elite Special Function: Octagon Vs. Flamita, And Bobby Lashley Vs. Strongman

Lucha Libre Elite has prepared a special function for November in which there will be unpublished confrontations, which will bring with it adrenaline, controversy and great emotions. The appointment is on November 4 at the Agustín Millán Gym , in the city of Toluca, State of Mexico, at 8:45 pm. This event, as is customary, will be broadcast by Lucha Azteca, in its respective television schedule.

In the stellar fight we will have the confrontation between Charismatic and Cybernetic.

The semistelar dish will be a luxury show, due to its international court. Bobby Lashley will team up with blue legend Blue Demon Jr.’s son to take on the muscular Strogman , who returns to Mexico, and Silver King.

For those who do not remember Jon Andersen, better known as Strongman, he is an American athlete who sports a prodigious muscle because of his training as a bodybuilder. In 2009 he debuted at the Arena México as part of the University of the Guapos under the leadership of Shocker. In Aztec lands it stayed until 2010, where it offered its last presentation in Arena Puebla. During his stay in the CMLL he maintained an intense rivalry with Last Warrior. Despite having a more than attractive image, this portentous gladiator failed to click with the Mexican public, but now Lucha Libre Elite brings him back to collect outstanding accounts with the Aztec fans.

Following the order of the poster, there will be a special fight between LA Park and Scorpion King, without a doubt, a fight of high standards of rudeness.

But the controversy will begin in the third fight, because Octagon next to Xtreme Tiger, will face Force Guerrera and Flamita . After this one leaves the name of Octagón Jr. by the controversial dispute (that arrived at yellow levels) by the name settled an incipient rivalry between the master of the eight angles and the acrobático fighter and this will be the first time that both are Face in a quadrilateral.

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