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Enzo Amore Is Not Working And WWE Looks or Solutions

It is a fact that can not be discussed: Enzo Amore is not working. You, me and all the Connoisseurs we have been able to realize of that. It has not been working since its separation with Big Cass and WWE is already looking for solutions to this problem.

This was announced by the well-known fight journalist Dave Meltzer in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter , which reports the following:

“Among the ideas we’ve heard for Enzo Amore are including returning to NXT, this with the idea of ​​moving away from the creative power of Vince McMahon and that there he can become the flagship Superstar, the face of that brand and help sell Tickets for the live events (WWE Live!) Of NXT.

“He’s also transferring it to 205 Live, where he is certainly a guy that fans would react to when they are in a show where they battle a lot to get any reaction from the audience to the little interest.”

These possible ideas are very coherent. And the first would be another confirmation of what has been reported for a couple of years and recently in the month of June of this year 2017, which Triple H and Vince McMahon are in a struggle visions to the business of Wrestling:

Hallway Rumor: Triple H Is Frustrated With Vince McMahon

It is also important to note that our fellow Self High Five had already given his opinion on why Enzo Amore could save 205 Live.

To this we must add two very recent scandals starring “The Gangster Certificate” :

Roman Reigns Would Have Sent Enzo Amore Out Of The Locker Room

Enzo Amore Drugged: Stripper Narrates Surprise Experience

Knowers, what do you think of this news? Which idea would you think would be more viable or better for the future of Enzo Amore in WWE? The fall of Enzo, is it just the fault of the creative vision of Vince McMahon or the medium talent of Amore?

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