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Eric Bischoff Does Not Think Dixie Carter Can Run In WWE

Rumors about WWE’s possible engagement of Dixie Carter continue, and even she herself has fed them suggesting that it could appear next Monday on Monday Night Raw , perhaps beginning a story with Kurt Angle .

Although Carter achieved many credible performances during his stage in Impact Wrestling, Eric Bischoff does not think it could be a good addition to WWE programming, and he said so in his Bischoff on Wrestling podcast :

“The difference is that Vickie Guerrero was inherently a good actress, and Dixie Carter was not. She is not good, it takes her all day to prepare to appear two minutes on the ring. It is difficult, really difficult.

“The other part of the equation is its scope, and I assure you that I share this perspective with many other people. For a character like Vickie Guerrero, you must feel comfortable with people hating you, and I can say in my personal experience that I learned to be comfortable, and I still do it in certain situations when I need people to react as I want them to react . You take your rude personality and just have fun with the situation. I like that.

“And the problem with Dixie Carter being rude is that she wants everyone to love her, and I know that because I worked with her and I understood what she’s like. She does not like being hated.

“If you do not have a personality that allows you to be comfortable with being hated, and if you do not know how to dig for other creative ways to capture certain moments that make you take advantage of the reactions and exploit them as rude, then you will not last two days. That’s the problem”.

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