Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff: “WWE Lost The Cruiser Division Since It Was Released”

Enzo Amore joined the cruiserweight division last week, which was expected to occur and which comes as a result of the injury suffered by Big Cass .

The arrival of Amore, according to Eric Bischoff, does not represent a great incentive to a division that does not finish rebounding despite the expectations that were launched with its launch.

The last episode of the Bischoff on Wrestling podcast , Bischoff talked about it:

” They lost the mark of the cruiserweight division twenty minutes after they launched it, because they never really defined what it is. Defining a division based on a weight class will not resonate with the audience. It has to be a style differentiation. Fights should look different and feel different from the rest, otherwise it’s just a fight with lighter guys.

“It does not mean anything. I think they’ve been losing the mark with 205 Live since they released it. I think they will continue to lose the mark and I do not think Enzo or anyone else has any impact on the success or failure of that division. “

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