juvenile kills

European Double wrestling cChampion In Juvenile kills, Yuri Vlasko

On August 7, 2017 began to circulate on YouTube and other social networks, the video of a fight in which the center is observed as a man intervenes and is attacked in the chest, while trying to get up, another attacker repeatedly hits him in the head. The video was posted on the Internet after a week of finding the body of the victim on the shores of Lake Baikal near the village of Goryachinsk in Russia.

The deceased is Yuri Vlasko, European champion of wrestling in the youth category in 2015 and 2016. A spokesman for the Russian judicial authorities investigating the case reports that the wrestler was leaving his participation in a wrestling tournament in Ulan-Ude, The capital of the republic, and with a group of guests went to Lake Baikal to show them.

According to the investigations, Vlasko intervened by a friend in a problem with a group of young people. One of the men involved a knife in his chest, and when he tried to sit up he received at least seven blows to the head with an iron rod. Two suspects with a criminal record, one of 29 and 33, were detained by the authorities four days later and could face life sentences .

Yuri Vlasko, born in the Siberian region of Buryatia, was 20 years old, was twice European wrestling champion in the youth category of up to 96 kilograms in 2015 and 2016. He also won a gold medal in his last tournament in Ulan -Ude. He was buried in the village of Osa, where he was born.

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