Farewell To Otto Wanz, The European Legend

To talk about Otto Wanz is to speak of one of the most renowned European fighters around the world, and as a promoter he led the wrestling to places of Europe never frequented by this discipline.

Born in the middle of the second world war, in Graz, Austria, Otto Wanz managed to enter the world of wrestling in 1968, during the Cold War in his native Austria. Soon after, and due to the low level he had for a super complete weight like him, he decided to look for opportunities in Japan, being of the interest of Antonio Inoki, he added to his project of the nascent New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1972. Wanz gave says that Inoki’s idea might work, so he chose to create the Catch Wrestling Asosiation (CWA) based on a small Austrian company. Over time, Wanz began to function throughout the western part of Europe in the old circus style: riding tents from city to city. The promotion was so successful that it reached to perform functions in Africa with absolute full.

The CWA was distinguished by its very particular rules that it had in comparison to other companies in the fighting world. At CWA there were no falls but boxing style rounds; In addition, the referees were entitled to warn and expel the gladiators (with cards, the mere football style); these warnings generated quantitative fines that on more than one occasion were paid by the fans.

One of his last rivalries was against Bull Power, to whom after widely recommending to his friend Antonio Inoki and outside to NJPW became Big Van Vader.

In 1990 he decided to retire to devote himself fully to the prosecution, which he continued to do until the present century, but never managed to make a star as he was and could carry the European struggle under his weight.

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