Finn Balor

Finn Balor: “Conor McGregor Fits Perfectly In WWE”

Conor McGregor has a quaint and outgoing personality. His charisma radiates an aura that few athletes possess. He has the natural ability to speak in the microphone, which makes him sell his fights very well. For all these qualities, many have thought that could in the future be part of WWE .

Next August 26 McGregor, will invade unfamiliar territory when he faces Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

Finn Balor spoke with Sports Illustrated about Conor McGregor and what his natural fit with WWE would look like.

” To be honest, I think it fits perfectly. He is a natural showman, he is an incredible athlete, probably one of the best athletes on the planet. I think if given the chance to come to WWE, it would be successful.

What would your character be in the WWE:

“All he needs is a billion dollars, very similar to what Vince McMahon is , and will probably put some people out of the way. I know Enzo Amore has been mentioning Conor a lot . Is that a potential rivalry in the future? Who knows . “

Balor was also asked if he was required to back McGregor (both from Ireland) in his upcoming boxing match against Floyd Mayweather .

“We, the Irish, have a tendency to unite, despite any kind of differences. When you are someone from the country, you have to support them. Of course I’ll be supporting Conor . “

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