Finn Bálor

Finn Balor: “It Was Discussed To Include Me In the past Royal Rumble”

Will “The Demon King” return to the WWE screens? That seems to indicate the reports , which predict that the dark side of Finn Bálor will be ready to face Bray Wyatt in SummerSlam (2017) . The creative know the importance of the event and will not miss the opportunity to take this character to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Bálor will live a moment of particular redemption when he faces his second SummerSlam , since living his debut in the main cast a year ago. And is that the great summer date of 2016 saw his coronation as Universal Champion, but also marked a turning point in his career due to a serious injury that kept him out of the ring almost seven months and consequently closed his reign.

Here we find the first issue of which the Irishman spoke with Orlando Sentinel under a recent interview. Bálor explains how hard it was to lose WrestleMania 33 despite being officially released , a spinning that still has nailed:

“Obviamente, me rompió el corazón no ser incluido en WrestleMania. Se discutió incluirme en el pasado Royal Rumble, pero cuando pasé esa fecha tope por una semana o 10 días, todo se canceló. Simplemente, WrestleMania no estaba destinada para mí”.

A continuación, le tocó al turno a su duelo con “El Devorador de Mundos” el próximo 20 de agosto:

“Bray es un tipo interesante. Lo admiro desde hace tiempo. Creo que es uno de los talentos más infravalorados que tenemos en el ring y al micro, si es que alguna vez consigues quitarle el micro. Es un tipo enorme, será difícil hacerle un agarre cuando ni siquiera puedo envolverlo con los brazos, pero espero adaptar mi estilo a él. Soy un gran fan de ver a tipos pequeños vs. tipos grandes”.

Finally, Balor made reference to his previous stage in NJPW and what was his jump to WWE :

“When I started, I wanted to be the best technical fighter on the planet. That was what he enjoyed, being in the ring and being the best athlete. When I had been competing for about 12 years, something clicked on me and I realized that there was more than that, the interpretive part . We all grow and change as people; That’s how my goals changed and my career changed. This is where I am now as a fighter. One day, maybe they will change again and I’ll do somersaults all the time like Ricochet or Neville , but this is where I am now. “

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