Five Big Fights

Five Big Fights In WWE SummerSlam History

WrestleMania is and will continue to be the biggest event for WWE, but SummerSlam has often served redemption to the company. Let’s take the example of last year, which is much higher than the corresponding edition of the “Show of the Shows” four months before. While WM 32 only left as a memorable image that Shane McMahon’s suicidal jump from the top of the Infernal Cell, SS 2016 presented a great poster that did not disappoint, excelling from all the fights a superb John Cena vs. AJ Styles , meeting praised by fans and analysts.

As part of the impending WWE SummerSlam 2017 celebration, five major matches in the history of the event are featured here. And it has been difficult to stay with only this sample figure. 29 editions give for much.

5 – 2013: John Cena (c) vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship

Okay, maybe CM Punk has sin of ingratitude disowning wrestling after leaving WWE, but can not deny its importance in the history of the company. Thanks to the road that opened, I can speak today of this first battle of the list . Daniel Bryan got almost everything that Punk could not (see, star WrestleMania), and four summers ago laid the foundation stone of his “Yes! Movement “, going over John Cena himself. A situation identical to that of WWE Money in the Bank (2011), both by public and by quality on the ring, although Bryan did not even have some kind of distraction to win the WWE Championship.The intensity of the contest can be verified ten minutes after, when after a kick, “The American Dragon” leaves the virulé the left eye of his rival. And to a later carousel of similar attacks attached to the punishment on Cena’s touched elbow, is followed by a SFTU that lifts even more to the respectable. We must praise this “bookeo” because it left the free domain of the bearded, demonstrating that the technical style of an ex-cruiser could be imposed to the full weight. As a curiosity, Cena and Bryan saw each other a decade before under the extinct Velocity program (with victory of the first), and there is a sequence that perhaps as a veiled tribute recovered in full fits for the duel that concerns us.Struggle that, on the other hand, evidence that there has always been good chemistry on the ring between both.

4 – 2008: The Undertaker vs. Edge, Hell in a Cell

It seems to be a lie that less than a decade after this match, its protagonists are no longer active, with the relevance that both had for WWE during the last lustrums. There is talk of the hardness of wrestling and its impact on the physique of their talents, who often face a premature withdrawal; Case of Edge . And here we have a battle that answers many questions from the still skeptical. On the other hand, it was the last great Hell in a Cell that WWE has managed to conjure, both by construction (dating back to Survivor Series 2007) and by meaning. Nowadays, when placing it exclusively in a concrete PPV, the Infernal Cell has been distorted its essence: put an end to bitter rivalries.

Grounded on his thirst for punishment, Taker finally found a way to make amends, returning all the moves that Edge had used on him over the past few months : hit with a video camera (done that started the angle), dropped on several tables, The celebrated One-man with-chair-to, and even a Spear. Of course, they will intuit that it is not the most technical duel of the whole series, but what Hell in a Cell is it? Finally, after defeating three via Tombstone Piledriver, “The Phenomenon” applied his Chokeslam from the top of a ladder that caused Edge to cross the canvas of the ring, and in the words of Jim Ross , this one was sent “straight to the hell”.

3 – 1991: Mr. Perfect (c) vs. Bret Hart for the Intercontinental Championship

To think that a fight with two contestants like these occupy the third place of the poster, makes us reflect on why so many followers repudiate the philosophy WWE. Fortunately, times are changing, as Bob Dylan would say. If I mentioned the importance of CM Punk before, I will not let the figure of Bret Hart pass , who can be considered the predecessor of the Straight Edge. He showed that a more technical wrestling was the future, far from Vince McMahon’s standards as he directed his biggest spotlight on Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior . Luckily since 1979 there was already a belt called the Intercontinental Championship.

Obtaining the quality of the shock, more meritorious if it is due to the injuries that dragged Hennig – who did not return to dispute another encounter until Survivor Series 1992 -, I want to focus on its closing sequence. There are many brilliant endings in the history of wrestling, but maybe here we have my favorite. Having taken advantage of a distraction from The Coach, Perfect has at his mercy the Canadian, endorsing him a Leg Drop straight into the groin. The champion repeats this maneuver again, but this time Hart blocks it and from the ground twines the legs of his opponent to conjure a perfect Sharpshooter that gives him the victory by surrender. First individual title in the career of “Hitman” and in what way. This is how legacies are built.

2 – 2002: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H, Unapproved street fighting

As if he was not going to make his return to the ring (according to who writes) best “performer” of all time: stealing the show . Logically, after almost half an hour of street fighting without quarter, the public was exhausted to face a stellar between The Rock and Brock Lesnar for the Indisputable Championship WWE. Shawn Michaels’ aplomb and boldness still remain, after four years of fallow , on a stage of so much substance, and accepting this challenge that could have cost him a definitive retreat. HBK was not so easy, of course, when any superstar already veteran had chosen another stipulation less risky.

To highlight the punishment of Triple H on the back of the “Showstopper”, with breakers, blows to the corner, sillazos, belts … And finally, with the characteristic hammer, which ended up being broken by the virulence of the last blow. Everything revolved around the weak point of the technician, trying to prove that his return was not possible, a resource that brought psychological excellence to combat. Many believed (including Michaels himself) that this would be a timely return, but months later, he came back to put on his boots to enter the first Elimination Chamber and win the World Heavyweight Championship. A second stage of “The Icon” in WWE that even got to overcome the first.

1 – 1992: Bret Hart (c) vs. The British Bulldog for the Intercontinental Championship

There are those who say that this first number bases almost all its fame in the public of Wembley Stadium, and that the duel of In Your House 5 is superior. And a server says that for tastes the rainbow was invented. I will not deny that there are some padlocks left and that has some bumps of rhythm, but the magic of WWE is to create great moments, even above great fights. I will give the third issue of the list, also with Hart as the protagonist: technically superior, but without such brilliant packaging. Continent and content must be even, and from my point of view, the first aspect is even of greater substance than the second; At least, if we talk about WWE.

Now justice was done with a stellar, relegating the Savage- Warrior to the background. And even if it was a punctual act facing the British audience, it is the most important duel in the history of the Intercontinental scepter. Clearly, SummerSlam ’92 was a second WrestleMania. In fact, it would seem that WrestleMania was that year, with sales of “merchandising” never surpassed by another WWF event. I hope someday Vince will decide to do another PPV in London, a city that, in terms of passion, has nothing to envy to Toronto. Because, considering what they were capable of at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, does anyone imagine a Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bates from this mythical stadium?

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