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Former WWE Superstar In Negotiations For MMA Debut

Now it is not uncommon that wrestlers want to have their way through mixed martial arts, although it is something that comes from much earlier than Brock Lesnar , we could say that the latter popularized the process of change from one business to the other.

Current examples such as Bobby Lashley (Bellator), CM Punk (UFC) and, to a much lesser extent, Batista , have tried to get into another industry for various reasons, some successful and some less so.

Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer a note said that former WWE Superstar Ryback , has held talks with Combat Americas to launch a possible career.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to emphasize that the journalist does not believe that Ryback really debut his race in the MMA with Combate Americas, and this is due to the little pay that gives the promotion to its fighters and to the excessive amount of money that asks the fighter By apparitions.

Recall that a while back Ryback talked to Bellator for exactly the same reasons, but was not lucky as he has no training behind him.

Many compare this movement with that made CM Punk, although it must be said that in the case of Punk is understandable, since the number of tickets that sells is only in the dreams of Ryback.

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