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From 2007 To 2017: How Many Times Has John Cena Been Defeated In A Clean Way?

We will clarify before descending and discovering: they will leave out defeats in multitudinal fights: here we will recapitulate only the hand-to-hand defeats – without interference – that has accumulated John Cena in a decade in WWE.

Behind the epic to see a wrestler overcome and defeat without a trap Cena is hiding a paradigm: not anyone can achieve it and get there gives the credibility that many currently lack.

Interesante dato sobre John Cena – ¿Cuándo fue su última derrota limpia?

Este martes en SmackDown Live Dean Ambrose logró una hazaña que pocos han conseguido dentro de WWE, vencer limpiamente a John Cena en el encuentro estelar de la noche. La estadística se hace más impresionante cuando retrocedemos hasta su última derrota limpia en un programa semanal. Si hablamos de PPV, no es difícil recordar que … Sigue leyendo

Otra estadística sobre John Cena – ¿Cuándo fue su última derrota limpia en SmackDown?

Este martes 20 de septiembre John Cena fue derrotado limpiamente por Dean Ambrose en SmackDown Live, un dato que en caso de cualquier otro luchador pasaría desapercibido, pero que para Cena ha traído todo un conjunto de estadísticas interesantes. Ya habíamos comentado en SÚPER LUCHAS cómo el 15 veces campeón mundial llevaba siete años sin … Sigue leyendo

It turns out that a Reddit user in the Squared Circle section posted a video compiling the aforementioned times in which Cena has been put flat backs without foreign help.

Later on the UPROXX website in the section With Spandex Pro Wrestling , Brandon Stroud shared that video and wrote the list of encounters:

Shawn Michaels (Raw, 2007)
The Great Khali (Saturday Night’s Main Event, 2007)
Triple H (Night Of Champions, 2008)
Batista (SummerSlam, 2008)
Big Show (Raw, 2009)
Triple H (Raw, 2009)
The Rock (WrestleMania, 2012)
Daniel Bryan (SummerSlam, 2013)
Brock Lesnar (SummerSlam, 2014)
Kevin Owens (Elimination Chamber, 2015)
Alberto Del Rio (Hell in a Cell, 2015)
AJ Styles (SummerSlam, 2016)
Dean Ambrose (Smackdown, 2016)
Shinsuke Nakamura (Smackdown, 2017)

Eye to detail: CM Punk beat Cena but by distraction (indirect), and in the rematch by a technicality, were not victories free of controversy.

Over the years it is becoming more common to see him lose, but that does not take away the status he enjoys. Also, remember that long ago Cena talked about his duty with the new generation.

The above is commonplace in business, the stars of today must support the emerging and make them attractive to us as a public.

I lived the followers of Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold and maybe later rather than sooner: also the Dinner.

Finally, it is interesting to note that Cena’s last 7 losses served to cement legacies and establish certain Superstars: from Kevin Owens to AJ Styles they have been in the retina of the public thanks to the Cena effect.

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