GFW X-Division Wrestlers Call 205 Live “Junk”

The WWE 205 Live project has not met the expectations , which were created with the boom that received the division with the acclaimed Cruiserweight Classics tournament. However, the cruiserweight show has not caught on with the fans, much less the few minutes of television received by the fighters on Monday Night Raw.

Trevor Lee , Sonjay Dutt and Low Ki were interviewed during a press conference to compare 205 Live with GFW’s X-Division. All three provided their own opinions on comparisons.

Trevor Lee:

“Do you want to know what 205 Live is? It’s rubbish. I am the champion of Division X. None of those guys could even have a penny to what I can do. Okay, the next question. “

Sonjay Dutt replied:

“I imagine they should present something drastically and dramatically different from everything they are presenting in their other programs. I think here in Division X that’s what we do, show a completely different style of wrestling . “
Low Ki:

“Con todo respeto a la actual División X y a los miembros de 205 Live, la División X ha tenido una gran influencia en lo que se ve actualmente en televisión en todas las grandes empresas. Y hay una razón para ello”.

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