Great Balls

“Great Balls Of Fire” And other Great Official PPV Songs

The “Oldie” style will return to WWE thanks to Great Balls of Fire , stopping in the most
recurring era, the 50s. An aesthetic that we did not see since that pair called Deuce &
Domino that got the WWE Championship of Couples in 2007. And is That the impending PPV of
Sunday , besides having a poster worthy of one of the “big four” of the company, will have
the homonymous song of Jerry Lee Lewis like official song .

After a complicated start, which even endangered the continuity of the name of the event,
with an angered Lewis by the free use of the term , the mediation of Jerry Lawler was key.
So decisive, that it has allowed to count on one of the songs by antonomasia of rock & roll
like “soundtrack” of luxury. Released as a single in November 1957, it was the biggest
success of the career of “The Killer” (nickname that is known to Lewis), constituting one of
the most versioned and sold singles of the history of music. Ric Flair revealed in an
interview last year that his famous song “Woo” comes from one of the lines of the
composition : “Goodness gracious, great balls of fire, woo!”

We are dealing with the official theme of a more important PPV that WWE has ever had , and
if its title sounds controversial today, imagine it in the middle of the conservative decade
it was launched. With images so suggestive and too explicit, the most puritanical sectors of
the USA soon condemned the composition, a case similar to “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard.
Shortly afterwards Lewis’s secret marriage with his 13-year-old cousin, a turning point in
his career, would never be revealed , despite the successful assimilation of country and the
rebirth that his figure has experienced in recent years. years. Without it, the piano might
never have been considered another key instrument for rock . Here’s an example: Led
Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll”

That’s why a server wants the continuity of this PPV. Meanwhile new RnB, rap and
decaffeinated metal, is always a breath of fresh air – what irony – to find a theme of 1957.
Despite the tendency to use current songs , otherwise logical as a method of promoting
active bands ( To be told to Fozzy), WWE has also tried to have legendary compositions to
head their great shows .

We have to go back until 2004 to find “Summertime Blues,” a song that can compete with
“Great Balls of Fire,” in terms of relevancy within the history of American popular music.
Composed and performed by the ill-fated Eddie Cochran (who died at the age of 22 after a car
accident), has remained as another of those works that chiseled Rock and Roll . Just mention
the figures that versioned over the years: The Beach Boys, The Who, Jimi Hendrix … to
Rush, whose “cover” headed the WWE SummerSlam of that year .

Randy Orton made for the first time with a world title to the amparo sound of this jewel of
less than two minutes, put into circulation like simple in 1958 . “Summer blues” that was
recorded almost as a side b of a single, where the last words will be fulfilled, since it
became a success, both for its perfect assimilation of that “groove” African American As
difficult to emulate, as for his letter loaded with sense of humor. It should be noted that
Cochran composed it with just 19 springs , which indicates the talent of this Minnesota

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