Hell in a Cell

Hell In a Cell 2017: Potential Clashes For The Infernal Cell

The next edition of Hell in a Cell will take place on October 8. The main difference with the evenings that took place in previous years is that in this case, the Infernal Cell will only house the cast of the brand managed by Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan , SmackDown Live.

A rumor has begun to circulate, it involves the struggles that possibly take the star site of the PPV, and there are two that stand out of all the armed conjectures.

Recall that Shane O’Mac and Kevin Owen s have had serious confrontations that even came to end in small physical quarrels, as was seen in SummerSlam, and what is rumored is that, possibly, to end their enmity, McMahon and Owens Fight within the cell.

On the other hand, another contest that could take place is the rematch between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal. The crux of the matter is that during the Struggle that took place at SummerSlam the Signh brothers interfered to help Mahal retain the title. However, if confrontation were to take place within an Infernal Cell, in theory the subjects of the Maharaja of the Modern Era could not interfere.

Of course, all the above is just a rumor, but it would make sense if things go smoothly.

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