Bayley Injury

How Long Will Bayley Be Out Of Action?

In the Monday Night Raw episode of July 24 , Bayley defeated Sasha Banks to become the number one contender to the Women’s Raw Championship, so she would face Alexa Bliss at SumerSlam.

However the following week Bayley fought against Nia Jax , suffering the separation of his right shoulder. Injury that left her out of the biggest summer event

Bayley was recently interviewed by PWInsider following the Be A Star event in Bronx, New York . One of the main points that Bayley dealt with was the state of his injury after separating his shoulder during his fight on Raw against Nia Jax.

“I just started physical therapy. So far I had not had an injury that kept me out of the ring, so I’m living it day by day. I’m not sure how long I’ll be away, if it’s a couple of months, or if several months. But the shoulder was separated, it’s a grade 2 separation. It’s the acromioclavicular joint and the ligaments and all that, so it’s not easy.
“But in the last two weeks, I think, I’ve been able to move it a bit, and the swelling has come down a lot. The movement is coming back, and after that everything is about regaining strength and being able to raise the arm forward. For example, I can not comb my hair alone and it is very difficult to do certain things. I’m trying to get back as quickly as possible, but at a safe pace . “

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