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How To Boost Brand Separation, According To Eric Bischoff

It will not be a server who disguises himself as a bird of ill omen, but every day that passes there is a more serious debate about the health of the second separation of marks of WWE . Dave Meltzer threw worrying data about the poor growth of WWE Network , as well as the consequent cuts that we will see during the next months, that could even affect the fighting talent.

With WWE SummerSlam (2017) on the near horizon, Vince McMahon is played on this PPV. Bet on a Jinder Mahal Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura as a clash for the WWE Championship does not seem the best monetary decision a priori, but its repercussion facing the Asian market could restrain the huge competition of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Little by little, it seems that different authorized voices in the world are encouraged to give their opinion about this “Brand Extension”, and Eric Bischoff was not slow in pronouncing through his podcast, Bischoff On Wrestling . That would be the formula of success according to the former president of WCW:

“They’ve tried before a brand separation and it really did not work . In my opinion, some of those reasons why it did not work the first time are applicable now. One, it takes time and it takes creative discipline . Creative Discipline means you have to address those ideas that repeat themselves or offer the audience the feeling that they really matter. If Eric Bischoff is a fighter and is in Raw it should be really important that he is on Raw . Eric Bischoff should fight for the opportunity to be at that show. Being on Raw should be the most important thing for a fighter. In the case of SmackDown you have to do the same. “

Bischoff continues with his conception of a correct difference between products :

“You have to sit down with your creative team and try to think of all the things you can do to create challenges, build stories and give the audience the feeling that talent truly cares about which brand is a part . You need to create that and there is currently talent leaping from one organization to another, it should matter. It should be really important. It should not be a matter of, ‘Oh okay, I’ll see you on Monday or maybe Tuesday.’ ‘Oh, he’s fighting off red ring ropes and now he’s fighting off blue ring ropes.’ That is the scope of this, and that is where I think the answer lies. It’s not something you can achieve in six months or a year. It’s a long-term creative discipline . “

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