Jason Jordan's

Image: Jason Jordan’s New Autograph

The world of wrestling was revolutionized a couple of weeks ago by the surprise announcement that Jason Jordan is the son of Kurt Angle , so we have been seeing an evolution in the young gladiator.
And as part of that evolution, a user named ryeinc has published in the Subreddit called “SquaredCircle” in Reddit an image where the new and interesting autograph of Jason Jordan is revealed , which you can see below:
“Jason Jordan Angle”.

Here is the story of the user behind the image:

“This autograph was obtained by someone I know through a Facebook page of a wrestling memorabilia. I got your permission to publish the image here.

“It happened on Friday, July 21 when Jason Jordan and Chad Gable were in Iowa, Washington DC to make an appearance at an independent show. The event was associated with the Dan Gable Museum, so that was the reason they were probably there, as Chad Gale took his name as a tribute to Dan Gable, wrestler and Olympic coach.

“He asked her to sign the photo as ‘Jason Jordan-Angle’. He said that Jason was a bit confused by the request, but that the end did not matter and said it was the first time he had done that. As you can see, he signed his normal autograph and then added the part of Angle next to her. Definitely an interesting piece!

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