In the Long Run, WWE Must Create A New brand

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article in my article about the mismanagement that certain Superstars were receiving in the SmackDown brand specifically, even though it is considered “The Land of Opportunities” – something I do not agree at all. Some issued complaints for “not measure with the same rod as Raw”, but the intention was not to defend the product of the emblem show, on the contrary, because we all know of the failures of the same and that, in fact, is following with The same format even before the division of marks (July 2016).

That format that prioritizes monotonous and repetitive entertainment, something that I also emphasized in the aforementioned writing, as it was characterized by the lack of opportunities for talent. However, I think the roles have been reversed and today are the blue ones that least comply in that aspect. Maybe I forget some, but beyond The Club , Emma and Kalisto – I still do not understand why it does not join 205 Live – I can not think of names that are wasted by the office. Of course that does not include cruises, whose direction was and still is ridiculous , but that is already a separate issue.

Talent of the medium / low poster like Titus O’Neil, Apollo Crews, Elias Samson, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Heath Slater, Rhyno, Goldust or R-Truth, all have minutes on television , while Shane McMahon hardly use Of much more important people like the American Alpha, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper or Tye Dillinger.

Another issue very commented and that I did not find quite coherent is the fact that two hours are not enough to give rise to all. Before switching to the three hours in 2012, Raw was always 120 minutes, and even so, having even the full cast, they managed much better than SD in this instance. That said, I think in that case could be better distributed times, thus avoiding so much difference of exposure between one talent and another. Nowhere is it written that everyone should be part of the script, but something is called “creative” to them, right? They must find a way to fit all the pieces into the puzzle. There is no doubt that the overtime is a plus for the Monday show – which was originally intended for the cruise division –

Thinking about this, I realized something that I think not many have done and is that if we live in times in which there is hardly any place for all (well … it has become clear that it is not) , What will be within a long term, a handful of years. NXT provides new names constantly while, of course, the yellow mark must replenish its ranks. In this way, it is inevitable that this successive process suture of stars to the company, more than those that its two (or three, if it wants) brands can handle. In four, three, two or even a year, WWE will have the following options:

(1) Perform mass layoffs annually , including those of renowned Superstars; (2) stop producing fighters in NXT and close Performance Center, make the mark disappear; (3) end the independent talent signings / from the outside and devote themselves fully to the star development of the house, forming them from scratch. This, however, would only delay the process – for today, hunger for tomorrow; Or (4), which I consider the most viable option and the only one that I visualize the organization carrying out, create a new brand or make NXT one that is not dedicated to development and does not consist of promoting talent , but be at Same level as Raw and SmackDown.

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