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Io Shirai stays In Stardom: Will Not Sign With WWE

As we announced, Io Shirai reappeared at Stardom on July 30 , having had his farewell tour before joining WWE . At Shinkiba 1st Ring, Shirai asked Viper to join the Queen Quest group and announced her participation in the upcoming Five Star Grand Prix.

According to Dave Meltzer, in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer newsletter , Shirai contacted promoter Rossy Ogawa on July 28 to inform him that he was ready to return full time to Stardom because he will no longer be entering WWE.

“Although no one has said that it was because of their neck problems that WWE decided not to hire her , after these tests, WWE asked her to rest for rehabilitation. He did so and was recently released to return to the ring. However, WWE agreed not to give him a contract.

“While every case is different, WWE has a general rule not to hire new talent who has problems with concussions or neck injuries, but it could also be because they already have two Japanese (Kairi Hojo and Asuka) and have discovered To women of other nationalities in the Mae Youn Classic who could sign. Although most agree that Shirai is better than Hojo and Asuka, timing means everything in this business. “

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