Is John Cena

Is John Cena A UFC Fan? “He Does Not Go With Me. I Am A Storyteller “

Many professional wrestlers have taken the plunge to compete in mixed martial arts. Brock Lesnar , Batista , Bobby Lashley , CM Punk , are some of those who are on that list; Others like The Undertaker , Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg and The Rock, are simply repeat fans.

But not all wrestlers are UFC supporters. This is the case of John Cena , who revealed in Larry King Now that while he admires the UFC’s business model and respects the skills needed to enter the Octagon, he is not a fan of the company.

“They’re Doing Great To Establish Themselves As A Brand. However, Compared To Us … It Does Not Go With Me, Because I Am A Storyteller And I Like The Story That We Can Tell In The Ring. And As I Say, I Think We Do Better Than The Others.

“UFC Has Truly Been Marketed Very Well . They Have A Fantastic Exposure And You Can Not Deny The Athletic Ability It Takes To Get Into The Octagon. It’s Not Something I Could Do. I’m Not Taking Credit From Anyone In The UFC, Because Their Success Speaks For Itself. It’s Just Something I’m Not A Fan Of . “

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