It was Vince McMahon Who Canceled Talking Smack why?

The cancellation of Talking Smack has given much to talk about in recent days. The show was one of the favorites within the WWE Network grid and the career of a few fighters had been catapulted thanks to him. That is why its elimination as a weekly show was met with surprise and disappointment. Now more, as the decision seems to have little to do with the audience.

According to the official WWE release, information that was later corroborated by Dave Meltzer, the decision to cancel Talking Smack was made because of the low hearing that the program presented, a situation that could have had a lot to do with its schedule shift after the arrival Of 205 Live.

Talking Smack Would Have Been Canceled Due To Lack Of Hearing

However, Sports Illustrated reports that behind the cancellation would be the very Chairman of WWE. Justin Barrasso, a journalist with the well-known publication, notes that it was Vince McMahon who was dissatisfied with Talking Smack:

“McMahon, whose appearances on weekly television shows have become extremely uneven, was on television last week. Sources close to the situation reported that McMahon was unhappy with the show and had a strong belief that it did not serve the interests of the company . “

Contrary to what some fans believe, and although behind-the-scenes presence is less frequent than in the past, Vince McMahon remains the ultimate filter for everything that happens on both Raw and SmackDown, so everyone in the company , From Triple H to Michael Hayes and Road Dogg still need approval. Although the popular belief is that SmackDown is being sabotaged from the inside, as if it were Scorsese’s The Departed or Reservoir Dogs by Tarantino, everything indicates that the controversial decision is due to McMahon’s vision of the business.

Talking Smack reached its peak of popularity after The Miz and Daniel Bryan had a realistic discussion in the show. The current Intercontinental Champion says it was a real fight , and even if it was not so, the program soon became a space where Superstars could show their true personalities and their abilities out of the script . Precisely this did not please the Chairman.

Daniel Bryan And The Miz Have Altercation Live On Talking Smack

Sports Illustrated continues:

“The unscripted nature of the show finally played a role in its cancellation . Although there are plans for occasional Talking Smack shows following SmackDown-specific PPVs , McMahon’s long-term plan is to eradicate the program . “

The Miz, whose career resurfaced thanks to Talking Smack, lamented the loss of space. So did presenters Renee Young and Daniel Bryan, who were not even informed of the decision. For now, this is a decision made, unless the reaction of the WWE Universe forces the company and Vince McMahon to rethink their stance.

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