Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan Is The Son Of Kurt Angle And New Member Of Raw

“Everything can happen in WWE” is a phrase that, however much it repeats, does not lose its validity, because the company of the McMahon is expert in presenting unexpected angles just when the public believes to have seen everything. Just a couple of hours ago on Monday Night Raw took place the most recent on a list of controversial stories in WWE when it was revealed that Jason Jordan is the son of Kurt Angle .

The seeds of this mystery were planted for several weeks, at which time Angle and Corey Graves were revealing a series of messages with information that would jeopardize the Olympic medalist’s career. Under the pressure, Angle decided to open to the public and tell the truth.

The general manager explained that everything had started with a fleeting affair that took place in the university. Product of this relationship was born a boy who, after being put into adoption, became a student and outstanding athlete until arriving at WWE. Jason Jordan’s revelation as Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son was received with some applause and sealed with a warm embrace between father and son.

On the other hand, Corey Graves explained from the table of comments that his knowledge on the subject goes back to his friendship with Jordan in NXT , reason why felt the responsibility to help Jordan and Angle to solve the situation in the best possible way .

After Raw, WWE Network presented an interview in which Jordan revealed that he was in college when he discovered that he was adopted, so he hired a detective who took him to his biological mother and, through her, to Angle.

During the course of the week it was thought to be a love story , either with Stephanie McMahon or with Dixie Carter, solutions that did not suit the fans very much. In between jokes, it had taken a while for Chad Gable to be Angle’s son , but the choice of his teammate for this angle was taken much less seriously.

Although the great secret has been revealed, there are still some gaps in history. Although the dates make impossible, or at least unlikely, that Queen Sharmell and therefore Booker T are involved in the rivalry, as many have been quick to speculate, if the mystery remains about the person who was sending the messages and their Intention .

The story just begins and the WWE Universe is waiting for what this will mean for Jason Jordan’s career, as it has meant the breakup of American Alpha.

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