Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal: “Samoa Joe Loves Me In WWE”

Jay Lethal is a former ROH world champion who also had an outstanding stage in the ranks of old TNA . Due to the arrival of several former ROH fighters, and those who remain under the WWE radar, one that could fit well into the cast of the company is Lethal, for his relationship with talents who currently belong to the cast of WWE.

Lethal was a recent guest on Interactive Wrestling Radio to talk about the upcoming ROH event, Death Before Dishonor, his tribute to Black Machismo’s Randy Savage on TNA, working with legends like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair and more. Here are some of the highlights of what he said:

Samoa Joe says he wants Jay Lethal in WWE:

” Samoa Joe is a great abuser and he only wants me in the same cast as him so he can carry his suitcases. Joe is awesome! I’ve had conversations with WWE people, but none has led to anything important, especially since I’m extremely happy with where I am now.

“I think every wrestler has different goals as to what he does in wrestling. I am happy with everything I have been able to do, and what makes me very happy is to be in Ring of Honor. “

The current location of ROH and the GFW situation:

“I consider Ring of Honor as the number two wrestling company in the world. Some people will take this out of context, so if anyone hears this, please listen to the whole argument.

“With the learning process you have in the number two wrestling company in the world, you really do not look beneath you to see what the number three wrestling company in the world is doing. Look up to see what the number one wrestling company in the world is doing so it can get better and not work backwards.

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