Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett And Sexy Star’s Husband Argued In Triplemania XXV

The incident between Sexy Star and Rosemary that took place at Triplemania XXV is far from clear , after two weeks since the event was reported there are still several details vital to understand how the facts behind the scenes took place between the directors of GFW and AAA.

In the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Jeff Jarrett had a verbal altercation with boxer Jhonny Gonzalez because the up-to-the-minute GFW creative confronted Sexy Star to apologize to Rosemary in the presence of the fighter, who left at the crossing of Jarrett immediately.

“(Jhonny) Gonzalez, who is not characterized as a burly, boxing champion in the featherweight and bantamweight division, faced (Jeff) Jarrett and defended his wife. I do not know if Jarrett knew who he was at first, but I know Jarrett told him at one point that he did not give a fuck who was, and that Sexy Star had to apologize, ” wrote Meltzer.

Neither Jarrett nor Gonzalez commented on what happened, so it may have been a separate incident caused by the intensity of the moment. However, this could affect trade between GFW and AAA.

Recall that in a statement AAA had stated that appropriate measures would be taken to deal with this series of events, then make the decision to disregard Star as Queen of Queens.

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