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Jericho Makes A Surprising Return To Smackdown!

Unexpectedly returned Chris Jericho returned to Smackdown Live by interrupting United States Champion Kevin Owens who was verbally dueling with AJ Styles, who claimed his mandatory rematch after the controversial final they had in their Battleground duel.

Jericho also called for his mandatory revenge, which he had not had after Kevin Owens stripped him of the title during Smackdown on May 2 of this year. Jericho added to his famous list to Kevin Owens (once again, this time for not accepting the title fight).

After that, SmackDown! Commissioner Shane McMahon appeared to set things right. Saying that both Styles and Jericho had a legitimate right for the mandatory rematch and ordered that rematch, worthy of WrestleMania or SummerSlam to be out tonight, like the Smackdown Live starring.

As we have already noted, Jericho returned to WWE during the tour that the Raw stars just made in Asia earlier this month, having important duels against Hideo Itami, Whenever the Gladiator is in free time because his band, Fozzie, He paused during his world tour. Surely it will not be the only time that the wrestler appears from here to SummerSlam.

As always, watch out for the result of this great fight and follow the best coverage of Smackdown Live through SUPER STRUGGLES.

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