Jerry Lawler Believes Hulk Hogan Will Return To WWE

Jerry Lawler, a wrestling figure and current WWE commentator, is a wrestler who has been in the wrestling business for many years, and although he does not appear as before on TV, his work on the WWE Network is good.

Recently, Lawler was a guest on his podcast “Dinner With The King” by Jimmy Hart, where among other things they talked about Hulk Hogan and his conflicts with WWE. Here his declarations:

Hulk Hogan returns to WWE:

“In the world of struggle, never say never. I think it’s too much of a reaction to what happened to Hulk in his most recent situation, the reason he’s not in WWE right now. But I think it’s definitely forgotten. It was never a big deal to start with. And I do not think anyone else thinks about that. I think a lot of people would like to see Hulk come back. I think, right now, the ball is on Hulk’s court. If you want to come back, I think I could definitely come back. “

The incident for which Hulk Hogan was fired in WWE in 2015, was for racist remarks made by the legendary fighter in public. But the problems between Hogan and the McMahon company could be over.

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