Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler: “I Have Not Seen The Undertaker Backstage At SummerSlam”

Although the Undertaker was never confirmed to appear (or were scheduled to do so) at SummerSlam, fans did not lose hope that the still-retired fighter would break into the World Championship for “Continue” his rivalry with Roman Reigns.

However, Dead Man not only did not appear in the Summer Event, but also did not do it the next day in Raw, where once again the spectators chanted their name before John Cena and Roman Reigns.

While The Undertaker was in New York on the 20th, the motives for going to the Never Sleeps City may have been delayed with the completion of the PPV. Jerry Lawler on his “Dinner With The King” podcast released his version of what happened behind the scenes at SummerSlam 2017.

“I did not see or hear it mentioned (Undertaker) for nothing, I change in the dressing rooms of those who work relating to talent, where at some point you cross all members of the cast, but him (Undertaker) , I did not see it.

But you know what? I just realized something, maybe he was there because they are doing scans for a new game . Everyone who was in the show including me, had to be scanned. It was not with the people of 2K Games, it’s for another game that will be released next year, so everyone had to scan their face and their body. “

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