Jim Ross

Jim Ross: “I Doubt To Pass An Examination Of The Rules Of Punjabi Prison”

Last Sunday, SmackDown Live unveiled its Battleground event with a stellar fight in which Jinder Mahal exposed the WWE World Championship against Randy Orton, in a panyabi prison mode. However, the criticism of the event has not been flattering .

Hall of Famer Jim Ross wrote on his blog about some highlights of the fighting .

“I appreciate the hard work of the men and women who participated in the Philadelphia event, because for me everything is based first on effort and work.

“It’s a risky premise when two stellar level fights have few or no two second counts due to the structure of their bouts. I am still not sure whether to pass an examination on the rules of Punjabi Prison, which had a very obstructed view of the public in the arena. Those details make it difficult for fans to get emotionally involved.

“I enjoyed the fight between AJ and Owens , but I expected a little more than two of my favorite fighters today. The encounter was far from being bad, but it lacked some magic. Of course, if I were starting a business, I would love to have them in my cast.

“I was surprised Nattie won the women’s fight. Many fans have complained that Charlotte did not win, but that was no problem for me, as the issue is about getting more talent, in this case Nattie, to be ready for better positions in the cartel.

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