Jim Ross

Jim Ross Talks About His Experience At The Mae Young Classic

The Hall of Fame WWE Jim Ross during the last edition of his blog Jrsbarbq , spoke about the event Mae Young Classic which will air on August 28 through WWE Network. This is part of what he said:

“I loved being a part of the Mae Young Classic last week, interviewing the 32 women representing 13 countries. In addition, Lita and I narrated 30 bouts for two nights. There was so much natural passion and motivation for a cast whose only agenda was to have big fights and take a giant step forward in building women’s wrestling. I’ll talk about the tournament in this week’s podcast and share what I never dreamed about and that personally impacted me on this event.

“I really enjoyed working with Amy Dumas and Madusa. I fed on his passion. As far as I know, the reason the emissions will start broadcasting on August 28 instead of before is because the program needs a complete post-production / editing to add all the elements that are needed with the format and profiles, etcetera. The finals will be live on the WWE Network on Tuesday, September 12 from Las Vegas, after SmackDown Live. I guess several women will probably win a WWE contract based on their performances in the tournament . “

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