Jim Ross

Jim Ross: “The Undertaker Could Come Back Anytime”

By a fateful fate of fate, and perhaps serving as a spur to the (apparently) little expectation that is generating , WWE SummerSlam (2017) has found an excellent lode in the possible return of The Undertaker . The photo that an amateur took during a flight to New York is serving as a burning nail for many fans who see how much WWE has lost since the supposed retirement of the Deadman in WrestleMania 33. Suddenly, this spontaneous has managed to give more promotion To the Dolph Ziggler event in the middle of Times Square .

Ayer, WrestleZone realizo una entrevista a Jim Ross, narrador precisamente de aquel presunto canto de cisne de Taker. Resulta curioso que hasta ahora, la leyenda del micro no se hubiera pronunciado oficialmente sobre este tema, y quizá impulsado por la dinámica optimista de las últimas horas, desveló que “El Fenómeno” no está acabado todavia:

“Until he says it’s over, it’s not over. I think Vince McMahon is a genius of marketing. You will not miss any chance to monetize and maximize this tremendous investment in The Undertaker’s legacy . Until The Undertaker says it’s over and be validated by the company and put an end to it, in the absence of a better deal, I still say Undertaker is active and could come back and fight anytime . “

While as my colleague Ezequiel Bergonzi pointed out, Mark Calaway’s trip to NY may be perfectly motivated for medical reasons, few refuse to accept that Roman Reigns was his last rival . And it is that this is the great point of lance for the defenders of a last fight of the veteran, argument that has finished being legitimate by the own results of WWE after that creative decision . So the company has not raised its head economically ever since , so SummerSlam is such a crucial PPV right now, and Vince may start a particular redemption tomorrow, bringing Taker back.

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