Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal: “I Have Creative Control Of My Character”

Jinder Mahal is currently the WWE World Champion, and has retained the title for quite a while, which would seem a joke if we heard it a year ago. The truth is that Vince McMahon always had hopes in Mahal. Years ago, Dave Meltzer reported that Mahal was staying inside WWE because McMahon saw potential in him, despite the writers keeping him straggler.

Mahal recently did an interview with The Times Of India and revealed that McMahon’s confidence is so strong that he has given him creative control over his character:

” I have creative control, but Vince McMahon also gives me tips and ideas and I take them. Vince has experience and has made the biggest sport business show in history. He has made WWE a global phenomenon. I have a good relationship with Vince, he trusts me in the microphone, he trusts my fights, and I know that trust will increase over time. Personally, I always prefer to seek Vince’s advice. “

The relationship between his reign WWE title and the desire of the company to enter the Indian market:

“WWE sees India as a great opportunity and wants to continue building its base. Personally I’m hoping that being a champion will make the WWE Universe grow in India, because I know that Hindu fans are really passionate . “

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