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John Cena: “My days On The Ring Are Numbered”

John Cena has been a living legend for several years. At the age of 40, only one name can be counted with names that can boast of being at their level. More than a decade being the main face of WWE is something that neither Hulk Hogan nor Bret Hart nor Steve Austin could do, which speaks wonders of the man of the 16 conquests. However, everything has its end and it seems that his is near.

This is what the future Hall of Famer said in comments with the portal when talking about his future and the story behind his situation as “Free Agent” in the big entertainment, also explaining a quite version Similar to the one PWInsider brought out last month.

Why Has John Cena Been Classified By WWE As A “Free Agent”?

“The reason I wanted to be a free agent and the reason they gave me my order is because I do not know if I will be available for SmackDown or Raw specifically, as well as knowing that my days are numbered. I just turned 40 in April and we have a lot of young and talented athletes, so I do not know how many more years I have left. So, the moment I leave, I will do my best to dedicate myself to this company … I want to be able to devote as much time as possible to it. “

Although the gladiator has been responsible for breaking down rumors about a retirement to devote himself fully to the performance both on television and in interviews since he was informed of his new part-time calendar , this makes clear that his priority from now on will be , In effect, his career on the big screen. However, he has also assured on several occasions that under no circumstances will he leave WWE.

John Cena: “WWE Will Have To Tell Me That They No Longer Need Me, Because It’s My House”

“Does it bother me to say that I’m half-time? Yes and no. I’m still a WWE fan and I think that’s the most important thing. When you are a fan you keep very close to the programming and the transmissions. I explained that the reason I have not been to the shows is because of the movies, friends, the conditions do not allow me to. And it is something established, nothing that can be negotiated.

“But instead of tossing me to rest for a couple of months between one project and another, the moment I’m done, I run to the plane and immediately return to WWE. I suppose that’s what I meant by (reference) ‘all-timer’. I have been very fortunate to have done many things, to have many great opportunities. It could have taken me a month or two and just sit back, enjoy and put things in order before the next thing, but I do not do that. I think it’s important to be at home with who I call my family, and every time I have it I’ll invest it in a WWE ring.

I will work tirelessly, I will not say, ‘Okay, enough WWE’, which many guys aspire to do; Jump to something bigger and better. The problem is that I think WWE is the biggest and the best. “

What do you think of John Cena’s statements? Do you think it’s time to step aside? Do you agree with your decision? Leave your opinions in the comment box.

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