John Cena

John Cena responds To Roman Reigns: “Be careful What You Want”

With the return to WWE of “free agent” John Cena, speculation about what he will do next have not stopped a minute , especially after his blistering Battleground victory against Rusev in the banner fight. This triumph puts him back in the front row of the cast of SmackDown, if he ever left this place. However, we are talking about the company’s biggest banner behind Hulk Hogan .

From the possibility that SummerSlam can face AJ Styles epic revenge, or a title fight against Jinder Maha, everything is still in the air. However, because of the controversial tweet that Roman Reigns threw in respect to Battleground and the mutism of the fans in the stellar event of the evening, things could change, because Cena did not remain silent and answered Reigns by the same way:


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