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John Cena’s Return Was Good For The Ratings

John Cena’s return was good for the ratings. It was what was anticipated and it happened. After weeks of low ratings interspersed by a week of good rating, the 16-time World Champion met its goal and raised the number of viewers on July 4, 2017.
This was revealed by the important journalist Dave Meltzer with his teammate Bryan Alvarez in the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that we share next with his respective translation into Spanish:

Dave Meltzer: “SmackDown Live’s ratings have gone up absolutely. Because they had 2.3 million viewers (2,329) on the Fourth of July. You have to understand that they almost doubled, not by much, but they almost doubled the audience numbers of the second most watched TV show on that day on cable.

“If there ever was any doubt about the value of John Cena or for some reason people might have come to think that John Cena is not this great attraction that people and WWE say or whatever … The ratings for SmackDown Live Of the Fourth of July they crush everything! There’s no way you can make those ratings a Fourth of July!

“It is 11% more than what was marked last week and is close to 2.6 million viewers on June 20, the day of Daniel Bryan’s return. That is not a common number. The average number of viewers is now 2.3 million and they equated that figure to the Fourth of July … That’s absolutely incredible! Awesome, that’s what it is! “

As Dave points out, the reason why the rating of the Fourth of July for WWE is so important is because on this date American Independence Day is commemorated and patriotism is such that many people are celebrating From early with their relatives and friends and forget to watch television.

The return of John Cena was good for the WWE SmackDown Live Ratings and surely will also be for the WWE Monday Night Raw, as we remember that Cena is now “Free Agent” . Knowers, what do you think of these numbers?

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