Johnny Mundo

Johnny Mundo Could Leave AAA with The Championships

Yesterday we reported in SUPER FIGHTS that Sexy Star was crowned once again as Queen of Queens in AAA after the conflict that had the Mexican promotion with Taya , previous bearer of the championship that was unknown by the company in early July.

Sexy Star Returns To AAA … Taya Leaves The Company

The return of Sexy Star generated more problems between Taya and Triple A, because the latter said that she would no longer be with the company run by Dorian Roldan, and it seems that her partner, Johnny Mundo , can get away with it for the same reason .

In Wrestling Observer radio Dave Meltzer explained that Mundo was quoted by Triple A to bring them the Queen Queen Championship, according to the promotion, they needed a few days to do a photo shoot , the wrestler agreed since it was not expected That AAA had deceived him to strip Taya of her title.

The specialist pointed out that “it is not known if Mundo will return to Triple A” with the three championships that are still in his possession, and that surely the company has planned to snatch them too.

Recall that the crux of the matter is that all this maneuver was because Taya supposedly did not want to defend the title, because it fought more and more in the independent scene of the United States.

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