Johnny World On Whether To Leave AAA: “Never say Never”

The situation between Johnny Mundo , Taya and AAA became complex since the promotion decided to disregard the fighter as Queen of Queens. The problematic became more serious during the return of Sexy Star, since Vampiro accused to Taya champion irresponsible reason by which it would have stripped of its title.

Johnny Mundo went to the Vampire crossing accusing him of being a liar because according to the fighter, AAA asked the Queen Queen Championship to Taya for a photo shoot, when in fact they sought to snatch his belt.

Johnny Vampire World: “You’re A Liar And Double-Faced Cretin”

So it was rumored that Mundo and Taya are likely to leave Triple A, and in an interview they had at Comic Con in San Diego, California, the couple clarified what the current situation is with the Mexican promotion (credits to TheCubFans for the transcript) .

“Interviewer: Guys then will you leave? Is 110 percent confirmed that they will no longer work on AAA?

World: Never say never in wrestling.

Taya: He (World) still has three of his championships.

World: I still have the AAA titles, we still have business to handle. We are working to solve problems with several companies. We are dealing with this firestorm caused by the comments coming and going on Twitter due to the situation, so I do not know what is going to happen.

Taya: We are taking things as they come , and honestly I am surprised by the number of people who are supporting us, they sent us messages, their greetings, and the way in which they were so companions in a situation like this is incredible. I am so proud of how much fans of Mexico and the United States spoke to me. “

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