Kane Reaction

Kane Has Reacted To The Undertaker’s Loss to Roman Reigns

Since last November, the Great Red Machine, Kane has been away from the WWE screens, originally was given time to attend to old injuries in his body with more than 25 years of career. 

Undertaker’s loss at WrestleMania 33 – Kane Reaction

Time that also took advantage to advise to the new generation of fighters of the company, especially to Baron Corbin. However from a time to here Kane completely disappeared from the functions of WWE.

It was not a mystery what the man behind the red mask was doing, he was preparing to venture into politics, so that today, April 11, former WWE World Champion Kane and whose real name is Glenn Jacobs has decided to run as a Republican candidate for mayor of Knox, Tennessee, which is the place of his residence and where he has personal affairs related to insurance.

Kane presenting his candidacy

Kane presenting his candidacy

At the launch of his candidacy, Kane said:

“Because my WWE career has taken me around the world on a weekly basis, my family and I could have lived almost anywhere in the United States that we would have wanted. We live here because we want to live here – because we love it here.

“As Mayor of Knox County, I promise to keep taxes low and make Knox County a place that everyone can be proud of. I see my role as a facilitator among the different communities in our area, and I also believe that Mayor Burchett has done a very good job with transparency in government and I will continue along those lines. “

His Motto Of Campaign

His Motto Of Campaign

It is clear that Kane will hardly return to WWE soon, because during last week, the gladiator participated in a meeting of comics and movies in Dubai, where he stated that his momentary priority is politics, in an interview published by gulf news, the gladiator manifested To the express question of his return to the quadrilaterals:

“That is, as we say in the United States, to be determined. And I would not want to ruin any surprises if I knew.

He was also asked whether his way to Knox’s quarters could be compared to a Hell in a Cell fight, to which the gladiator replied:

“Yes! We’ll see! It could be more like a real battle. I do not know, we’ll see. “

In that interview the gladiator also talked about his brother’s recent retirement in the ring, The Undertaker, who hung up his gloves, jacket and hat after losing with Roman Reigns in WrestleMania 33:

“We all knew that at some point that was inevitable, however, it’s sad, because for me it’s as if a chapter had closed, and I think a lot of WWE fans feel the same way.”

Kane Once Again

From what we can see, our old Kane once again seized the Corporate Kane and is very determined to continue with his character. Will we someday see Kane back in WWE rings?

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