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Kenny Omega’s Long Journey: “When I Left WWE, I Decided To Be Myself”

No doubt Kenny Omega is a man who always has something to say. “The Cleaner” is considered by many experts the best fighter today. He is a controversial man who is triumphing in Japan and who keeps all WWE fans in expectation of having no plans to reach the Mcmahon company.

The head of the Bullet Club, who is currently injured , was interviewed on the “X-Pac” podcast Sean Waltman, 12360, where he talked about his favorite bouts, the controversy of serious fighting and comedy and other topics .

Leadership in the Bullet Club:

“I’m not sure if I’m fit to become a leader right now . This is because in Japan, if you work hard, people will love you, because they realize that you are giving your heart, you are giving your soul, and there is really no way that you become a real rude .

“That’s the situation I’ve been in for every major show since this year’s Wrestle Kingdom. There’s nothing I can do to make you hate me, but believe me, I’m trying hard.

“And in the United States the presence of the Bullet Club is not a rough group either. People like to chant chants of the Bullet Club, they love to put the Too Sweet sign with their fingers. In Japan I know they would prefer us as a dominating rude faction, and we try to show it in our matches, but no matter what we do, no matter what bad things we do, if you have a great fight, people will love you anyway”.

Your favorite matches:

“For example, the so – called Rock-N-Roll Death Match at the DDT company and is one of the jobs I most proudly feel, but it will never be shown by copyright issues. You are fighting and suddenly a random song starts to sound, so you stop fighting and you start dancing.

“It sounds like a very simple idea, but the way we work the spots within each dance and the types of dances depending on each song is great. I thought I would be very creative and thought most people would like it and would not throw bad opinions about it. If the Macarena starts to sound, you must stop the fight and start dancing the Macarena. “

The comedy against seriousness:

“A lot of people think that comedy in the fight is something to not take seriously, but I could say that comedy is much more complicated than serious fighting . This is because you have to be creative in everything you do in comedy to really fit

“How to work a good comedy fight? For example, work with a doll and let people believe it. Make people believe in the non-real. Make people laugh or say this is fun. Make the audience want to teach their friends … That’s hard to do. And when people ask, ‘Are not you ashamed? Are not you ashamed of yourself? ‘ Well, no. I’m not. It’s one of the jobs I’m most proud of.

Omega vs. Cat Daryl (Hiromu Takahashi Teddy):

“That could be exactly the same situation as facing the nine-year-old or Yoshihiko (an inflatable doll), where people believe and support Daryl. There’s nothing Daryl can do that can turn him into a rude in that fight.

“I do not think we could do an individual fight, but if for example it was The Young Bucks and I against Hiromu, Naito and Daryl, it would work. I honestly think I would. Even saying that right now all those ideas are popping up in my mind or how we could make them work.

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