Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens: “I Do Not Enjoy Fighting With AJ Styles At All”

This Sunday, Kevin Owens will face AJ Styles , at the Battleground event, with the United States Championship on the line.

It will be a crucial attempt for Owens, because just when he most enjoyed being “The Face of the United States,” he was unexpectedly dethroned by Styles in an untelevised event . The bets do not favor Owens, since to gain Styles could expose the title before John Cena in SummerSlam .

Owens was interviewed by At The Shore Online , and, among other things, responded if he likes working with AJ Styles:

“I really do not enjoy it at all. I’d rather never have to fight him again. But you have my title and I have to get it back, so it looks like we’re far from finished. Unfortunately, it seems that I will have to get back into the ring with him several more times. It’s part of what we do.

About being the face of the United States being French-Canadian.

“The current Champion of the United States is from Georgia, and I think it is a terrible example for American youth. So regardless of where I come from, I can take that role back with gusto. “

On answering the fans in the sands:

“It’s always been a fun part of my profession. Not everyone does it, which puts me in a separate place. And those who do, and say it with humility, do not do it as well as I do. It’s kind of like my specialty, and it helps make my show space memorable. “

When asked to say something good about Sami Zayn :

“Mmmhhh … Well … I’ll say this: He’s really determined to change the world for good, and I respect him for it. Soon you will be part of something important to bring help to those who need it . I respect that too. But if you stand in my way, I will have to respond. “

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