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Kurt Angle: “I Hope CM Punk Goes Back To Wrestling”

One of the major attractions of this second separation of brands are the figures of the Managers General. If the WWE Universe vibrates to know that Daniel Bryan would be in charge of SmackDown, no less reaction generated the return of Kurt Angle to the company to take control of the red show. Since then, the Olympic medalist records his opinion on almost every issue of the moment , he is exposed without any fuss since he made peace with Vince McMahon and himself.

Recently, Angle did another of his usual rounds of questions and answers via Facebook , and the fighter, as usual, did not cut himself off when it came to playing any subject. Retirement? Of The Undertaker was one of the first points :

Martin Logan Hanlin: “Hey Kurt, do you think The Undertaker will be back for a couple more bouts?”

Kurt Angle: “Personally? Yeah. I’d love to see Taker come back. Angle vs. Taker once again. “
The following talent was The Miz , outstanding piece in the ascent of SmackDown and rudo of first level also in Raw:

Fahad Kamal: “Thoughts on The Miz? Do you think it’s the best microphone on the entire Raw roster? If so, why? “

Kurt Angle: “He’s the best right now. Funny, entertaining and annoying … lol. He’s come a long way. Very proud of him. “

Then a user asks him about the pros and cons of Angle figure :

Antonio Alfaro: “The best thing about being Kurt Angle? The worst of being Kurt Angle? “

Kurt Angle: “Being the best at what I do. Worst? The same. Because people expect more from me than others. “

And one of the ones that still remained in the inkwell is the everlasting business of CM Punk , gladiator with whom Angle has never coincided on a ring. This was the specific question of a user:

Rahul Dharnia: “What are your thoughts on CM Punk and his future in MMA or a return to professional wrestling?”

And here is the answer from “The Wrestling Machine” :

“I hope he comes back. I believe your MMA career is over. You need to go back to what you do best! “

Words that arrive after the sincerity of Jeff Jarrett , who denied any contact with Punk in order that this one to stop in Global Force Wrestling. Although it appears to be still under contract with the UFC, references to the former WWE Champion within the McMahon product continue to happen, as happened with that call from The Rock during a Raw show or the recent mention of Jeff Hardy . Of course, these are acts carried out by specific talents, never on behalf of the company.

In any case, a love-hate relationship between WWE and Punk is evident in the trailer for WWE 2K18 , where Seth Rollins plays an anti-system role very suspiciously similar to the former “Paul Heyman Guy”. Impossible to assure that we will never have it on a ring of the company, but what a server is sure is that many would pay a fortune for a Kurt Angle Vs. CM Punk .

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