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Kurt Angle Says He Will Return To The WWE Ring: “This Or The Other Year”

It’s official, the current General Manager of WWE Monday Night Raw , the legendary Kurt Angle , has finally revealed that he will return to the WWE ring . Although everything depends on Vince McMahon , his return will not happen until the end of 2017 or already in 2018.
He did it in exclusive statements for Myles from “Inside the Ropes” during the recently celebrated launch party of the video game “WWE 2K18″ , where Angle is as a Pre-Order bonus. Then the video with his words and later the translation of the same:

Inside the Ropes: Congratulations on your first appearance in a 2K video game. You’re 48 years old and you’re back in WWE. That is fantastic. We want to see you back in the ring. “

Kurt Angle : “Thank you, thank you. Well, you have to talk to Vince McMahon about that … (Laughter) “.

Inside the Ropes: “Finally, what friendships have you made with people who were not in WWE when you were there?”

Kurt Angle: “A lot. A lot. It’s a different time. It’s a different era, but being able to get involved with these guys, get to know them, understand their generation, it’s been a really good thing and it makes me feel at home. “

These statements are too interesting, especially considering that it has recently been reported that WWE has no short or medium or long-term plans for Kurt Angle to return to the ring.

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