Lana: “I Want To Get A Name In The WWE Women’s Division”

Upon arrival at SmackDown Live, Lana started her stage as an individual wrestler , receiving immediate opportunities for the Women’s Championship. After receiving consecutive defeats, it seems that he will return to his usual role of fighter manager , because in the last episodes of the blue mark has been placed next to Tamina .

“The Ravishing Russian” Lana was recently interviewed by Al Arabiya English to discuss a number of professional wrestling issues. Here are the highlights.

In regards to making a name for herself in the WWE Women’s Division :

“Well, he [ Rusev ] really wanted me to stay at home and take care of him , and cook, clean, bake salmon, massage his feet, and comb his hair. That’s what he wanted me to do. But just as I helped get him to the top – and look, I obviously love being with him – right now, I want to make sure I get a name in the women’s division .

And in handling a man, unfortunately, even though I took him to the top, and making promos with The Rock and John Cena , when people talk about the women’s revolution, my name is not heard anywhere. If I have to go into the ring to fight and compete and take Tamina , or any other woman to the top to establish my name, then that’s what I have to do . “

About being no longer directing Rusev:

” One of the reasons I do not feel that I need to handle it now is that I feel that I have taught him everything I need to teach him , and I have helped him, and everything, and that is why I have to go use my charming ambition with other women to Help them reach the top. “

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