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Lio Rush To WWE: “If You Say WWE Is Not Your Target You’re An Iacdiot”

Lionel Green, better known as Lio Rush, won the Top Prospect Tournament in 2016, an event organized by Ring of Honor , a company he was hired from 2015 to this year, after which he returned to CZW. Not renewing with ROH, it was speculated that some attempt to get to WWE might be at the door.

And this seems to be a reality, because according to PWInsider, the 22-year-old gladiator is already a safe contracting for WWE , and could even be from this week at the Performance Center in Orlando. His last free agent date would be on August 5 against Joey Janella at CZW.

But before knowing this information Lio Rush spoke with Ring Rust Radio on WWE , and already it saw an almost extremist position on the goodness of the company McMahon.

“I feel like the long-term goal of everyone should be WWE. If you hear someone say that WWE would never be their main target then you are a complete idiot. We all grew up watching WWE, there was no other thing on TV apart from the WWE.

“WWE is the main reason why people want to become a fighter. My interest in going to WWE again is above all else. I have not been contacted by WWE, but there is playing field now with the cruiser weights, and there has been a bit of a main focus with them, it drives me to be better.

“I feel like I have a spinning spine, and at the same time I’m a bit bitter not being there, because I’m considered the best weight cruiser in the world. So, not being part of the cast of the world’s best cruisers with the world’s biggest promotion, makes me want to be there much more . “

Last May, Lio Rush won the CZW title to Joe Gacy, but two weeks later he lost to Davey Richards.

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