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Los protagonistas De La Semana En WWE – 20 Al 26 De Agosto De 2017

Welcome back to this column. As always, we will review the most outstanding fighters and the best fight of this week. Finally WWE presented SummerSlam, a show with many ups and downs, in which weekend the company’s panorama changed, notably in the main brands.

Let’s see who staged this week in WWE:

Brock Lesnar

The Incarnate Beast may have overcome its greatest challenge as a World Champion and out of SummerSlam even with gold, but Brock Lesnar was not so well off. The sovereign suffered one of the biggest beatings of his career and was even retired on a stretcher, and although he could return and win the fight, his luck did not improve on Raw, where he discovered that the threats to his reign are not yet over.

2- Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

Finally the former brothers of The Shield have reunited and with that they immediately became the most popular pair of WWE. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins not only gave one but two high quality matches this week. Sheamus & Cesaro were first dethroned in one of SummerSlam’s finest matches, and 24 hours later they won a dream fight against The Hardy Boyz on Monday Night Raw.

1- Braun Strowman

The week of Braun Strowman was totally opposite to the one of Brock Lesnar. Although he failed to win in the Fatal 4-Way for the World Championship, the Monster between Men could well be considered the great winner of the week, consolidating as the most dominant fighter of the red mark. Strowman had one of his most notable appearances at SummerSlam when he crushed The Incarnate Beast and effectively resisted each of his offensive attempts, and although a Spear would be unable to stay with the win, he did not get off the gold because on Monday Night Raw again beat Lesnar, earning a starting shot at No Mercy.

Fight of the week

Although in I placed the Fatal 4-Way stellar as the best of the event, an opinion that , I consider that in purely fighting terms, the best fight Of the week should be , I find that since the kickoff he stole the night. Although both teams have been criticized, for the second consecutive event they showed that they are part of the elite of the pair circuit and that in the ring have nothing to envy to other teams more recognized.

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