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Low Ki On The Employer: “We Must Level The personal And Professional”

Alberto el Patron was suspended by GFW after being involved in an incident of domestic violence at an airport with his girlfriend Paige . As a result of this situation the company carried out its own investigation of the case, which has concluded with the dispossession of the unified World Championship. In this way, GFW will proclaim a new world champion in the coming weeks.

In that regard, Low Ki spoke with Brian Fritz for Sporting News. Here’s a highlight of the talk:

“It was definitely a surprise. I was not sure as to where all this was going, because when you have a pending pending internal investigation, there are always things in the air as to what is going to happen. And because there was absolute priority with Alberto, being the champion, this sucks, because as a fighter, I know how much work it takes to become a world champion .
“It is an incredible amount of work that is required to be a fighter, and there is also to try to balance personal and professional life in the public arena. It’s one of those things I’m sorry for him, but, unfortunately, this is what happens when your outside activities can hurt your professional life. “

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