Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis Announces That She Will Abandon Professional Wrestling

With TNA’s uncertain future, it is normal to see each cast member begin to organize backup plans if the worst happens . Now that Billy Corgan could not win the legal battle against Dixie Carter a new panorama opens up before the eyes of the world of professional wrestling.

Fighters like Bobby Lashley, Jeff and Matt Hardy would not have much trouble getting jobs with other companies because they mean a lot of insured sales. However there is a case of a fighter who will put a stop to his career in the industry.

Maria Kanellis wrote a brief text where she talks about her future:

“News, All News Does Not Tell The Whole Story. It Will Be A Very Interesting Few Months. What It Is Is That I’m Going To Leave The Wrestling Industry Soon , I Do Not Know When, But That’s Why I’m Now Going Back To “School”. In May I Will Get My Degree Degree, And From There I Will Get A Master’s Degree. Eventually One Has To Realize That The Road Never Changes Until One Changes Oneself “

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