McGregor Vs. Mayweather,

McGregor Vs. Mayweather, Bad business For UFC? Eric Bischoff Thinks

The 2017 has not been so successful for UFC because its main figures have had no action. Conor McGregor last fought Nov. 12 last year, beating Eddie Alvarez , while Ronda Rousey has disappeared from the scene since receiving the second defeat of his career when facing Amanda Nunes in December .

As for the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor , the UFC will only win a percentage, which could represent about 40 or 50 million dollars, which is less than half of what McGregor will get and a quarter of what Will go into Mayweather’s pocket.

Is it a bad deal for UFC? Eric Bischoff said about it in the latest edition of his podcast :

“I do not think it’s a decision that requires much thought, but quite the contrary. I would have decided the same thing about being in charge of the UFC. Conor McGregor, as a result of his fight with Floyd, will be a bigger star than he was a year ago or six months ago, assuming he is not ridiculed, and I do not think so.

“If it comes out well, win or lose, Conor McGregor will have more media coverage and his name will be bigger than it has been in the past years with the UFC. So it’s a smart move on the part of the company, because they are investing in the future. “

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